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$830,000 Vehicle Crash Jury Verdict

Award Amount


Our client was an investment bank analyst driving on northbound Hardscrabble Road, near its intersection at Route 684, in North Salem. As he proceeded through the intersection, his vehicle collided with another vehicle that was was executing a left turn onto eastbound Route 684, from southbound Hardscrabble Road. He sustained a Hangman’s fracture, which is a bipedicular cervical fracture at the C2 level. As a result he suffers a permanent restriction of his neck’s motion range.

Defense counsel contended that our client healed well and that no neurological permanency was alleged. The defense’s expert orthopedic surgeon opined that he did not suffer any neurological problems and that, as such, he could not suffer a permanent restriction of his neck’s range of motion. In response, our spinal-trauma expert opined that our client could experience a loss of range of motion without having any neurological problems.

The jury found that the defendants were liable for our client’s injuries, with damages totaling $830,000.

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